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by Sapient


I’ve been taken to this place and discarded

With the strays, runaways, and departed

But I found dreams underneath the waste and the garbage

Churn the dirt in a way to make it a garden

I see the flies come out and the sky fall down on what I have studiously built

I see the rats hide from owls in their final hour, yea, that’s the beauty in the filth

And the runoff may be toxic, but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

Now my eyes have finally adjusted, to the darkness that carbon substance

I used to be consumed with pride, till I dwell with the filth in the sewer pipe

What I’ve seen could make a human lose their mind

Too insightful to walk into the light



You gave me away

What do you think of me now?

You gave me away

What do you think of me now



I make it mine I’m like a Frankenstein I like to take my time

Makin you find the level of difficulty in this recycling

Deciphering my entitlement to the trash left in the street

I make beats in my head finding beauty in the filth

toxic runoff of my chemistry is heightened by the discarded cards

Tossed aside like unwanted offspring

I creak open the coffin and often make offerings to alien intellectuals who watch me

On planets many moons away, when you throw your tunes away, 

Fix em up, they move away

Make em mine then make a date to put it back up in your face 

And save it to my database

Engrave it, enslave it, you toss it, I gained it, I frame it

Cause one man’s trash turns to another man’s stash turns to another fan’s mask

When they can’t face the world and they need somewhere to hide

That’s what I provide, escape artist I will survive

Take apart existence, rebuild it then make it mine

Siphon out your heart then refill it return the blind, the dumb, the deaf

And when they open, reveal and share it and give it back

Resurrected can you find the beauty in the track?



You gave me away

What do you think of me now?

You gave me away

What do you think of me now