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by Sapient

I am....

Solid as a rock, you can call me what you want

Always on the job, probly to a fault

Along with my boastful pride

That I won't swallow when I talk

I don't see an heir to carry the torch

But I don't care anymore

I stand on this stage and I share with the floor

Like these words are a prayer to be spared by the Lord

Lumped in this pool thats so disgusting

Poisoned by the corpses that float above me

I hit the road, alone and hungry

But at least I come home to those that love me


The way I'm working every hour is critical

Killin' y'all dreams so foul and despicable

Independent and underground is so literal, yeah

I dig my fingers down in the minerals

They so ignorant like rap life is bliss

Rap like they tough but get slapped like they bitch

You can't hide that's a bad life to live

It's twenty ten, come on act like it is

I don't know what the fuck their mother's taught them

They should quit rap, consider their other options

I'm stompin', out with the humble

Put my boots down, watch huge mountains crumble

Consider hating, then look at your inner

I'm innovating, obliterating all in my path

I got this little baby, she's all that I have

You can't intimidate me, I look at y'all and just laugh


We tryna sell our things, so we can tell our seeds

Not to downscale their dreams

In this blissless business, I wear many hats

Most of 'em LRG

You confused, think I'm using magic

Mind control on they stupid asses

Oh, you don't approve of my brutal tactics

I'm not a goon but my music's savage (homie)

Feelin' like a work ant some days

Loading up my back with weight

Settin' on out to navigate, these underground passageways 

My bag rattling from cans of paint, yeah

Still a letterhead, still

Peddling letters like a veteran, never settlin'

I put in work and earn my bones

And I still say fuck your little urban poems, what


Mighty evolve

The mighty evolve, only the mighty evolve

My style will change but I'm still Sape

The music will still be beautifully filthy