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by Sapient

Little Attilie, the most important thing in my world

I work so hard to give you the things you deserve

When I'm away from you my life is hell

Your mother and I love you more than life itself

Of this I'm certain, I'm a different person now

Since I caught you out that birth canal 

The first thing you felt was your father's hands

And the first thing I felt was myself become a stronger man

Altered, a new depth to my view

A higher standard to the best I can do

I've never felt so protective, the reason being

I've never held somethin as precious as you


Audra, you support and encourage me

Wife, you're much more than what that word means

Companionship, I am devoted firmly

Cause you and I got that shit that the world needs

Love, you mother our daughter so well, she's so healthy

I'm so attracted to you Lord help me

Shit, you as fly as you ever been

You're my first lady though I am no president

There's no one stronger than you on this entire earth

Believe me mommy, I've searched

And  love the way your motherly mind works

You taught me the importance of natural child birth

It's so dope when we in our big bed sleeping

Little baby on your chest breast feeding

You've given me so many gifts, loved me when I was penniless

Yea, lovin you back is so effortless