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by Sapient

I tried to be greater than the gods but created my own problem

Now, I have deflated all the drama

I can move on and leave these haters in astonishment

Switch the game and leave some craters in the genre

Their ain't no money in my pockets to invest

But what’s the fun in tightrope walkin' with a net

I’m cocky but these negative thoughts are in my head

Cause optimism has the opposite effect

Yea, we all know that I dropped to grip albums

Heads bobbin' in acknowledgement, bouncin'

You think that he can out-do himself?

With the way I’ve been workin, that’s not a big challenge

You aint fuckin with where I been

The road to get here’s been nothing but periless

I grind till my mind’s stuck in delirium

Stuck in a lab, I aint conductin experiments



Who the hell do you think I am

Please tell who you think I am

I can change in a blink I am


Use the universe for my rehearsal 


I exposed the firewalkers

Showed they had only lies to offer

This boxed me in a diorama with my entire genre

I lost my focus, feeling claustrophobic

It didn’t last too long, I created a universe in that shoe box


They say no one’s that amazing

You go at that pace you riskin' over saturation

The things that I make at a frequent rate

You would think me and the devil got an agreement made (huh)

What I’m doing is intentional you dig it

I aint interested in professional opinion

For lots of reasons, your business models weakened

I make lots of music, now why would I not release it?

I’m trynna build with solid bricks

They trynna worship false gods in this

Chasin' broads and riches, I know the odds to win

So I'ma play the tortoise, water my crops a bit

I been planning before the famine affected me

It happened expectedly, I have to protect my seeds

Stay persistent, trainin' viciously

This year I’m facin's vicious, I dig those irrigation ditches deep




Who the hell do you think I am

Please tell who you think I am

I can change in a blink I am